Marrakech Yoga Congress Program

10 November


Move Yourself Connect

Opening masterclass marked by softness and sensations. Feel our body, our breath and explore the power of letting go. To feel our heart and the strength of gratitude.

14.00: Accreditations

15.00: Opening

15.30 – 16.45: Mindful Vinyasa

Mindful Vinyasa is a way of practicing yoga that unites the theoretical and practical bases of Mindfulness with Vinyasa. It offers a slow-paced, dynamic practice based on precision and functional alignment aimed at promoting mindful movement and the integration of the perennial wisdom of yoga.

Paty - English

17.00 – 18.15: Yoga Integral

Its practice allows us to integrate the different aspects of the human being with the whole, leaving aside the ego that is latent in all of us. These classes apply tools such as: breathing, Asanas, mantras, visualization, meditation, relaxation, among others.

Belen Juarez - Spanish

18.30– 19.45: Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga is a contemporary yoga that offers 2 breathing exercises, as well as 26 postures, also called "asanas". Each of these postures allows you to work all parts of the body during the sessions. The 2 breathing exercises are performed only once. The first exercise is pranayama.The second is done at the end of the session and is called kapalabhati.

Mohamed Makroum - English

20.00 – 21.15: Kundalini Meditation

In this class we will practice four different Kundalini meditations. These meditations usually combine arm movements or mudras with a particular mantra and pranayama. Each one lasts 11 minutes and will give us a certain benefit. If performed for at least 40 days in a row, these meditations have these benefits: attract prosperity and abundance into your life, release addictions and heal relationships, activate aura of protection and guidance, among other benefits.

Carla Bliss - English

11 November

Morocco, kingdom of light

A tribute to Morocco and its light. A light that has played a fundamental role as a source of inspiration for artists, such as Henri Matisse, who was captivated by the intense blue of Tangier. But it is also a light that has served as a source of movement and energy. A load of vitamins for those who visit Morocco, a light that has the power to inspire and energize.

7.00 – 8.15: Kundalini

In this Kundalini class we will perform a kriya that recalibrates our entire nervous system, activates blood circulation, balances both hemispheres of the brain, brings mental clarity and amplifies the aura. After the kriya, there is a long relaxation to integrate and an 11min meditation. What better way to start the day!

Carla Bliss - English

8.30 – 9.45Breathwork

Control nervous system through breathing. Theoretical and practical class. Breathe well, consciously, to live better. This is, in essence, one of the keys to yoga and one of the ways to achieve the connection of body, mind and nature, "union with the whole" that yogis defend and "the way to realize that being individual is one with the universal being"

Víctor De Miguel - Spanish

8.30 – 9.45: Rocket Yoga

Rocket is one of the most dynamic types of yoga that exists. It consists of three series of modified postures of the traditional ashtanga vinyasa yoga: series 1, series 2 and series 3. This style of yoga is perfect for the most active, thanks to its variants we can make yoga a very energetic, varied and versatile style, adding asanas to the base structure of ashtanga.

Matteo - English

10.00 – 11.15: Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a guided practice of meditation and deep conscious relaxation practiced in Savasana (lying relaxation pose) moving awareness from the external world to the internal world to access the subtle state between wakefulness and sleep, the state of Yoga Nidra.

Paty G. - English

10.00 – 11.15: Acro Yoga

Acroyoga combines acrobatics with yoga techniques: asanas, breathing, concentration, etc. This fusion is what makes acroyoga significant, and by practicing it you obtain multiple benefits, such as the development of communication and the relationship with oneself, as well as with the other.

Belen Juarez - Spanish

11.30 – 12.45: Yo Qi flow

Qi gong is a gentle Chinese gymnastics that integrates slow movements with harmonious breathing to combat energy blockages and promote the circulation of vital energy "QI", also known by yoga practitioners as prana. Qi gong strengthens joints and muscles and improves physical and mental health.

Kenza - English

12.30 - 14.30: LUNCH

14.00 – 15.15: Ishvaras

Gods of Hinduism. Hinduism is a set of religions, beliefs and philosophies. Within it, different thoughts coexist, seeking a way of living in deep spirituality, based on harmony with one's own being and with everything that exists in this universe. There are multiple divinities (Ishvaras), with different names according to the various branches of Hinduism. 

Belen Juarez - Spanish

15.30 – 16.45: Chakra Flow

In this Vinyasa Yoga class we will focus on a topic to let go. Carla will give us a shamanic technique that will help us to let go and we can use in the future in moments of anxiety. After an energetic work of Andean medicine, she will guide a physical practice in which we will feel reborn after dropping a great weight.

Carla Bliss - English

17.00 – 18.15: Pranayama HY Pradipika

We will work the Pranayamas described in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika following the ancestral tradition of this practice, it will be a pleasant session that will help us achieve a state of absolute psycho-emotional well-being. Pranayama is practiced with the aim of controlling prana, or life force.

Victor De Miguel - Spanish

17.00 – 18.15: Yoga in Daily Life

Presentation of the book "Yoga in daily life". A book that comes out after years of reading, writing, integrating, observing and practicing and... after many hours of dedication. A book whether you practice postures or not (asanas) brings you closer to the philosophy of yoga and to you. A book with which to better know and understand the secrets of health and well-being. A book that offers you a lot of internal insight and application of theory to your life. A book that can help you in your self-knowledge and shed light.

Cristina - English

18.30 – 19.45: Osho Active Meditation

It is a meditation in which your mind will remain in constant activity and at the same time it will allow you a high degree of relaxation and concentration. In addition, you will connect with your interior and this will provide you with high doses of energy and vitality. The goal is for you to achieve inner peace and harmony while doing any type of exercise.

Olga y Mireia - Spanish

18.30 - 19.45: Oriental Dance

We start with a warm-up phase: head and neck, arms, chest, hips, legs and feet. Then we started learning the basic steps: jerky and baladi, rocking, then undulating movements: 8 and waves. We continue with the learning of the choreography to practice all its movements, and we end with a relaxation period.

Kenza - English

19.45: Kirtan

It is said that when the words are sung, a powerful vibration is produced in the body that acts directly on the mind and spirit of a person. Singing promotes holistic healing, and studies support chanting to help reduce stress by activating a relaxation response that reduces heart rate, brain waves, and breathing.

We are waiting for you with great enthusiasm to sing together.

12 November

A new light, a new soul

Today's Classes are entirely built around the ideals of freedom and letting go. A transcendental exploration that combines yoga, dance and rhythmic journey for a return to oneself full of beauty.

7.00 – 8.15: Pranayama

Class in which we will work on different Pranayama techniques, both in movement and stillness, providing our mind and body with special energy to face the rest of the day with joy and serenity. Pranayama is practiced with the aim of controlling prana, or life force.

Victor De Miguel - Spanish

8.30 – 9.45: Hatha Yoga Moon Flow

A class to honor the lunar energies on the eve of the full moon, we will practice salutations to the moon, movements that favor the opening of the hips and the stretching of the hip flexors, as well as balance poses. A practice focused on flexibility, the search for balance and the development of intuition.

KENZA - English

8.30 – 9.45: Choreographic Yoga

Choreographic Yoga, one of the four styles of artistic yoga, is a body poem of asanas that uses the body as a vehicle to achieve the maximum spiritual expression of the human being, art.

Choreographic Yoga, both as an artistic expression and as a yoga practice, brings us together in this workshop to experience the fluidity of its asanas in a state of art.

Belen Juarez - Spanish

10.00 – 11.15: Yin Mantras

A passive, meditative and deep practice accompanied by the medicine of live music and mantras sung in a low voice, to anchor you through listening and surrender more easily to the present moment, to open spaces in the body, soften, let go and renew your whole being.

Paty y Reyes – English

11.30: Desert Blues Concert

Tarwa N Tiniri

Final concert. Closing Congress