MaroccoTrips is an Italian - Moroccan tourist transport agency, run by local guides of Touareg origin, born in the town of BEGAA, about 30 km from Merzouga and consisting of about 400 people. They know very well the customs and traditions of the Sahara, they will know how to introduce you to their splendid culture, and welcome you in the respect of the desert, according to their customs and traditions.

The agency carries out a social support program for the NGO Village Begaa, which aims to:

  • Participate in the improvement of health, socio-economic and educational
  • Participate in environmental protection and the fight against desertification
  • Support of women and children
  • Literacy, education and encouragement of schooling.
  • Collaborate in the protection of children's and women's rights
  • Establishment of a health, civic and environmental culture
  • Promotion and promotion of income generating activities

MaroccoTrips organizes, in collaboration with the NGO Village Begaa, "solidarity trips", with sociocultural activities.

Responsable tourism

What does it mean?

Responsible tourism is an option so that the profits generated by this sector also fill the hands of the most needy, that they have sufficient resources to not continue to prey on their environment and, on the contrary, be the first to defend it.

The tourist activity in Morocco is reaching a capital importance in the economic development, since the tourism represents at the present time one of the industries that generates more income and jobs in the whole world. Everyone, in a way, is involved in one or another tourist activity at some time in our lives. But in addition, it becomes one of the areas in which socio-economic equality and injustice are manifested, in the case of exotic tourist destinations in developing countries, since it usually sharpens the differences generating benefits for large corporations but nothing for local populations. The lack of regulation and orientation of tourism activity can lead to uncontrolled exploitation of environmental resources for the enrichment of elites or multinational companies.

For all this, from MaroccoTrips we organize your trip to Morocco always with local guides and chauffeurs with great knowledge of the area and who have been in contact with tourism since childhood, making it their way of life, thus collaborating in the development of zone. We also promote the exchange with the people of the areas we visit, so that our impact is the most beneficial for its inhabitants, from visits to nomads for tea, accommodation in Berber family houses, local commerce.

Practice responsible tourism 

Traveling means discovering new places and meeting new people. We ask you to be responsible tourists and act accordingly. When visiting a destination, as travelers we must be concerned with the protection and preservation of places, cultures and environments. Let each visit entail a mutual benefit for the host and the traveler.

Be careful with the use of water ...

... Wherever you are. Water scarcity is common in many places, so it is advisable to shower instead of bathing. Do not let the tap water run while brushing your teeth, etc. Do not use more towels than necessary. Turn off lights and other electrical appliances when not in use.

When you meet the locals ...

... Remember that you are a guest. Be open and respect their way of life. Learn and experiment. We must always show respect to the elderly regardless of their status or work. You must show respect for beggars and think twice before giving anything to children. By giving you encourage them to keep asking. Remember to ask before taking pictures of people.

Begaa Project


Health4Begaa is a humanitarian project that was born in October 2015, in a bar in Turin by a group of four friends united by the desire to do and help. The project is the result of a volunteer experience in Morocco in April 2015, in which we met the Moroccan town of Begaa, located in the desert south-east of Morocco, in the province of Errachidia.

It is a small Sahara settlement of almost 300 people divided into 40 families, with a traditional irrigation system fed by a small oasis. The town is characterized by a social fracture in forms of insecurity, poverty and progressive growth of the factors of isolation and instability. This has not prevented some members of the village have been able to establish a non-governmental organization, Abdas (Association Begaa pour le développement et social action), with the aim of promoting economic development, health and social area.

Their mission is not easy, but with the help of other non-governmental organizations and, above all, of volunteers, they have been able to achieve great changes in the town, such as the construction and start-up of a school and the supply of water and electricity. Our goal is not simply to go to help, it is to go to educate. so that people are self-sufficient and independent, to improve themselves, an indispensable requirement for the full and conscious development of any civilization. Fact that we often forget.

A group of people who share a common goal 

can achieve the impossible.

«I have observed the cultures of all lands pass through my home, and other winds have blown seeds of peace, for travel is the language of peace.» Mahatma Gandhi