For all those people who want to transform their lives 

through a profound inner change.

Here we have all the necessary ingredients for you to achieve:

Personal growth activities: yoga, meditation, workshops ...
Nature: High Atlas Mountains, Sahara Desert, Dades Valley, Todra Gorge
Coexistence: with people who come to do a deep interior work
Team: qualified and with a high level of awareness and experience
Facilities: with all the necessary resources for you to enjoy a great retreat.

Our retreats are not in a quiet environment, in a collected or closed place, no, these are Retreats to experience, to Live everything in Yoga (~ union with you ~ union with the universe). We prepare the Retreats so that you strive in the practice of Consciousness. That is the interest of the trip, the desire to be absolutely present in life, making things more banal: a little tea, the taste of toast, a window open to the sky ... become a wonder. The ingredients of happiness is to discover who you are and then try to be yourself learning more every second, awakening the Consciousness !!! Little by little you will understand the real meaning of living a Yoga Retreat and the inner transformation that it entails. The intention of the Retreat is to learn to use Yoga in a practical way in Life, which is the important thing, not the label, not the photo, but to live it in every minute of your life. 

The ingredients of the retreats


You have a complete program of activities aimed at awakening the inner fullness that is in you.


In the middle of the Sahara desert, surrounded by huge golden dunes, virgin oases and small Berber villages.


To create a conscious world. You can live with a group of people who come to do a deep interior work.

Connect with your inner strength, expand your mind and flow in a regenerating practice in the middle of the desert of Morocco. Join us in this exciting 7-day retreat in which you will deepen your practice, discover the nomadic culture of Morocco and live the beauty of the Sahara desert. On this trip you will be accompanied by our teachers who will guide you through an agenda full of practices and workshops specially prepared for you to work the movement, breathing and meditation and learn to enjoy your Yoga practice to the fullest. But not everything will be yoga, you will also live incredible cultural activities during the day: nomadic songs, camel rides through the desert dunes, visits to nomadic families ... You will do tourism and you will immerse yourself fully in the desert culture .


With all the necessary resources to enjoy your retreat

5 reasons why you should join us 

  • You will practice yoga daily, which will help you progress in your practice and see the positive effects that yoga has on you.
  • You will get a new perspective on life by experiencing a new and exciting world such as that of Moroccan culture. A perfect way to get out of your comfort zone and expand your horizons.
  • You will meditate, you will relax, you will take out the stress and you will enter fully into the desert life.
  • You will eat delicious and healthy Moroccan dishes prepared especially for you throughout the trip.
  • Because you deserve it! You work very hard for some reason and now you have the opportunity to give yourself 7 days to recharge, energize and recycle your life to find a happier, healthier, stronger and above all, more conscious YOU.

Learn to live the present