Monet Lakhmeet Singh

Lakhmeet Singh is a restless and traveling soul, in the eternal search for the connection with the Source. From the age of 18 given to find a meaning and a deeper part of life I began to travel to know and expand the facets of life, beyond the routine and empty life I knew. My concerns lead me to travel to Jamaica, India, Mexico, Peru ... and many other countries with which they still have a strong connection, tradition and knowledge of the ancient wisdom of the Universe. Since 2011 I made my first retreat of silence and meditation of Vipassana, Goenka tradition, my life began to rediscover a different vision of reality, beginning to be aware of the functioning of the mind, emotions and spirituality, many veils of illusion They began to fall apart and I felt that the journey of my Life was in being able to enter my inner Universe to really know and experience freedom. After trying different types of Yoga, Tai-Chi and continuing to meditate and make silent retreats, in 2014 in India, I am offered to try Kundalini Yoga, lineage of Yogi Bhajan, and from the first class I felt it was the technique which It would help me to return to my Sat Nam, my true Identity. From that day on, I started practicing every day and trained as an instructor in 2014, which has helped me to deepen and gain more experience in my practice and to understand this ancestral technology a little more.


I came across Yoga in 1997, when stress began to affect my well-being. I was lucky to find a teacher who touched my soul, which came when I had to arrive; Hatha, Nidra taught me how to make astral trips ... Then I changed cities and stopped attending classes. I did Yoga intermittently for many years. My professional life in a very different area was going well! I was a businesswoman, I traveled continuously, I was doing very well. And I spent a fortune on therapies of all kinds to keep my sandcastle ... until I began to realize that no therapy, that no treatment that came from outside would help me. I wasn't happy, and I didn't like how it was. I did not want to be that person. Then I started practicing my asanas at home, with more enthusiasm, with more discipline, and I began to heal from within. I am a certified Health and Wellness coach, I have studied nutrition with Montse bradford, among other schools. Fitness and Health And I keep moving forward on a path that has no return with enthusiasm, and focused on sharing this path and spreading this philosophy of life.


Every morning you will immerse yourself in a work of awake breathing, as well as in guided meditation. The lessons not only refer to the body, but also to the use of postures and mental awareness to align and balance body, mind and soul. The afternoon lessons will continue with the practice of breathing work, meditations and slower flows to a place beyond the senses in the seat of your soul. The lessons are suitable for all levels and will restore your nervous system from a place of haste to one of deep rest and relaxation. The word YOGA derives from the Sanskrit root YUJ which means UNION. YOGA is a philosophy that comes from India, as a discipline it tries to unite the three powers of the human being, which are Body, Mind and Spirit, seeking with this union that the practitioner achieve in his life a greater balance and well-being. Through the techniques of Yoga we recover the union of our being in all its aspects. What is living in disunity? To live in disunity is to say one thing and do another. Feel one thing, and say another. Disunity is not listening to your body, to its attention calls, until it gets sick. Disunity is to want to move your arm to the right and move it with your eyes closed to the left ...

We have a body, a mind, a spirit ... and if they are not synchronized, our existence loses meaning ...


Desert, as the same word says ... infinite, magnitude, unlimited, this is the trip inside. This retreat is aimed at all people who have the need to Re-connect with their own Nature, in the desert, with or without previous experience in the practice of Yoga. We offer you the possibility of retreating from the busy western world to immerse ourselves in the air of Morocco and this beautiful town of Sahara, Merzouga, full of mysticism where we can find peace and calm, healing and much love. We wait for you to enjoy some magical days.

Yoga for everybody