Morocco is located in North-East Africa. It borders to the North with the Strait of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean Sea, to the South with Mauritania, to the East with Algeria and to the West with the Atlantic Ocean. The Moroccan coast extends over 3500 km. Surface: 710. 850 km2.


The climate that predominates in Morocco is mainly Mediterranean; tempered to the west and north by the influence of the Atlantic Ocean. Inside, the climate is more continental with significant variations in temperatures. The area of ​​the Atlas is humid, where it is not difficult to discover snow frequently. The South has a desert climate.


Together with classical Arabic, the cultured language of administration and the media, dialectal Arabic is used on a daily basis, as well as Tamazight (Berber), spoken in the Rif, Atlas and Souss, and that It varies by region. The vast majority of Moroccans speak French, many speak Spanish and English.


Islam is the official religion of Morocco, but it coexists with other religions (the practice of other religions is guaranteed by the constitution). The day is divided by the rhythm of five calls to prayer. It is the muezzin who announces the calls from the top of his minaret. During the month of Ramadan, Moroccans fast, stop drinking and smoking from sunrise to sunset. Obviously, your routine is interrupted and modified. The vast majority of administrations, public services, monuments and shops condition their schedules to Ramadan. However, non-Muslims can find certain restaurants to eat and drink, particularly in hotels.


Respecting local customs is proof of an elementary courtesy to the receiving country.

To avoid annoying situations and misunderstandings, we must adapt to customs. Here are some essential rules:

- In Morocco, access to mosques and holy places is prohibited to non-Muslims. There are some exceptions.

- Accept mint tea, it's a gesture of hospitality.

- If you are invited to share a family meal, you should wash your hands symbolically.

- The meal will begin after the homeowner pronounces the "bismillah", praise God.

- Avoid drinking, eating and smoking in public during the day in the Ramadan period.

- If you want to photograph a person, ask for authorization.