The desert

Merzouga: the door of the Sahara

Sun, Sand & Soul

Few would imagine that in addition to sand and a scorching sun, in the Sahara desert we could find places and curiosities worthy of a good fantasy story. We will find a sea of golden dunes, an area 22 kilometers long and 5 kilometers wide with dunes of surprising heights that reach orange tones and at times, a golden aspect.

Gonzalo Moure

I looked up and a swarm of stars hit my heart through the dilated pupils.

In that luminous moment, suspended between the sand and the sky,

I came to believe that I would never see something so beautiful again

"The Sahara Kiss" by Gonzalo Moure

The Great South

Discovering the Great South is one of the biggest attractions offered by a trip through Morocco. The High Atlas mountain range, which leaves the heart of the country from northeast to southeast, offers unforgettable landscapes: interesting Berber villages, narrow gorges, valleys dotted with beautiful mud fortifications. 

The Nomad Tents

This unique camp of nomade tents offers the opportunity to experience the Berber culture. It is an established camp in the wonderful Merzouga desert area of southern Morocco, in the middle of the sand dunes and offers a high level of comfort is a good base to go and explore walking in the sand dunes. Berbers in the area will share their knowledge of culture and traditions and introduce you to their way of life in the Moroccan desert. They are made of camel hair, having two qualities, according to their resistance. They are fastened with wooden sticks and hemp rope, natural. They have all the charm.